Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Release Day for SAVAGE ISLAND

June, 29. 2021

I'm excited to share that today my new horror thriller, SAVAGE ISLAND, is releasing to the world.

Here's the book's description:


Terror in tropical paradise 


On an isolated island in the Philippines, it patiently waits. A mysterious terror lurks in the shadows, stalking the poor stranded souls who visit the island. When a group of four tourists find their vacation quickly turning into a nightmare, the terror taunts them and comes for them one by one. The sandy beach and crystal waters of the lagoon will run red with blood if they can't find a way off this savage island.


This is a horror survival story that deals with some dark, personal themes and comes with a trigger warning of sexual assault. My main characters are two women in their 30s, Amy and Jasmine. They are cruising on a yacht with two men they've just met, and one of them is secretly a disturbed sexual predator. But he's not the only predator on the jungle island they mistakenly thought was uninhabited. For those who have enjoyed my fast-paced novellas like DARKNESS RISING, THE SEEKERS and THE WITCHING HOUSE, I think you'll have a fun time exploring this deadly island. There are plenty of thrills and scary moments. SAVAGE ISLAND is now available at:

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Paperback

Amazon UK


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