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A House Possessed: My Paranormal Journey

Lately, I’ve been having a lot of guest writers share their encounters with real paranormal phenomena from haunted hospitals to haunted graveyards to haunted houses. Today, Dawn Shepard shares some strange paranormal activity in her own home, which seems to be possessed by multiple spirits . . . and these aren’t the friendly kind. I’ll let Dawn take it from here.

My paranormal journey has been one of the most difficult, dangerous, yet intriguing paths I’ve taken within my life. Since my childhood I’ve always believed in ghosts, spirits, entities and have been told by many that I have a gift of being a sensitive or empathy to them. Personally, I never attributed myself to this belief of a gift until four years ago, and that’s when I started to believe differently. I had some experiences after my grandfather’s passing but not ever the intensity of what I’ve been dealing with in my home.

I’ve lived in my rented home peacefully for ten years, but things started occurring after being here for only seven years. Activity started in October 2010 after a Ouija board was found while cleaning the attic. It was noticed that sometimes objects would disappear in our home, but because of a hectic lifestyle, it was thought to be a result of being absent minded or forgetful and never questioned. Sometimes you could hear a door open or close, but having pets in the home seemed to be the answer to these occurrences too.  On March 11th, 2011 the unexplained reality of paranormal happenings became very real and began my journey into the realm of another real and true existence.

  While it's difficult to tell in this image, I snapped a picture of 
a young man's face looking out of the window 
from one of the rooms in the attic.

The following are some unexplained messes that started in our landlord's home in the beginning.

After having six investigations which also included two different mediums and a psychic medium, EVPs (electronic voice phenomena), EMF (electromagnetic field) readings, pictures, ghost box sessions, my own investigating, countless hours of research along with researching the history on the home, I was able to start to figure some things out but didn’t realize there was going to be more to be learned.

It is known that I have eight spirits in the home with the possibility of more. Three of the eight are evil and the others I’m still not quite sure because trickery can be used and they don’t like to be honest. The three evil ones―two are deceased relatives of mine and the third is believed to be an attachment to the home since the 1800s.

My daughter and I have encountered several different odors such as sulfur, burnt toast, wet dirt, rotting flesh, apples and cinnamon, and wild musk perfume. We have been touched, heard growling, evil laughter, whispering, and sometimes voices. Objects have been thrown at us such as knives, hand held pruning shears, CDs, VCR tapes, etc.

I have been pushed down the stairs, touched in my sleep, have had the towel pulled off me after getting out of the shower. My daughter has been scratched, had some small unexplained bruises, and also had two incidents happen that she has no memory of but I was told that I intercepted what was the beginnings of a possession.

The following 3-minute video is from a paranormal investigation at our house where we captured some sound of the spirits.

can of cat food opened 
and thrown at the ceiling and wall
garlic powder dumped on the floor

Sometimes the phone will ring right before or after activity and there will be no one on the other end, or you will hear a muffled voice but can’t understand what’s being spoken.

My daughter and I have also experienced some activity while being in the car together, when we pulled into the driveway and stopped. In the following pics is the scratch my daughter got while we were in the car together. The scratch is in the shape of a letter "Z."
And there have been occurrences that have happened from time to time when she visits or has a sleepover at her friend’s home across the street from my home.

This was a written message left for me when my daughter was staying at her friend's home across the street. Some activity was happening and they had called me to come over. When I went to get my phone to take pictures, this written message was next to my phone. The message reads, "BN AND RM ARE MINE” (my daughter's initials and her friend's).

The next message was written on my daughter's bedroom mirror in red lipstick while no one was home. She and I had gone to the doctor's and then the store. We found this message after coming home and I went into her room. This was two days after the priest had done a full blessing on our home for the third time. It says: "YOU CANT STOP ME".

We’ve experienced communication from written messages, symbols, on Facebook and from several messes made using edible items and even paint.


Below is cat litter taken from a litter box and made into a circle. Circles were always being made and it's a protection for the entities and means never ending.

This symbol below is a drawing and only because I was away when this symbol was made out of fruity pebbles cereal, black pepper, and onion powder. The word "DIE" was written underneath. 

My husband at the time had found it and tried to shield our daughter from it and didn't think to take a picture. They were asked to describe what they saw and to draw it in separate rooms. I found out it's a satanic symbol to represent the devil.

The next symbol is a “triquetra” made out of black pepper and garlic powder along with a circle and a written message. The messages says:   "I WANT THE GIRL NOW I NEED HER TO JOI ME."
  My daughter, a few years older

The second written message was written on my daughter's bedroom wall next to her closet door with a mirror on it. It says . . . "SHES MINE JOI ME AND YOU WILL DIE DAWN.”


This message was written after I had intercepted what was the start of a partial possession of her. She has blue eyes and her eyes were black when I had opened her door to see if she was okay.

The calendar was thrown at me while upstairs in my landlord's place and the word "DIE" was written on it for me. I have been constantly told to die.

While all of this may seem unbelievable, it’s been proven that these incidents weren't from someone playing a joke or trying to be scary, and I have copies of all the messages received. The home has been blessed three times inside and outside using holy water, incense, many prayers, crosses and other religious objects. Gregorian music has also been tried, sage, crystals, salt, and other things. Each time though the activity escalates and becomes stronger and more difficult.

I’ve been told that I have a combination of demonic activity along with witchcraft that was either practiced or dabbled with, and there was also some kind of satanic worshipping or practicing. I have names of those whom lived in the home from the 1800s up until now but can’t say for certain what was ever practiced or believed in.
There is much more to my story but wanted to try to give some insight into my journey that I am still facing and working at resolving. I understand there may be those that feel moving out of the home would be in my best interest but the spirits can and do follow. I am not one to give up very easily, nor will I give into what they feel they can have or control without trying for a resolution.
Here is a video of another paranormal investigation. This one is 18 minutes.

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Many thanks to Dawn Shepard for sharing her paranormal story on Dark Lucidity. I love posting paranormal stories. If you have evidence of ghostly encounters with photos and video, or know someone who does, please contact Brian(at)BrianMoreland(dot)com.

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Ectoplasm, Unseen Entities, and Gatekeepers in Haunted Cemeteries …

I love it when people share their ghost stories on my blog. Today’s guest blogger is Timothy Yohe, a ghost tracker who writes for The Paranormal Blog. Earlier this year, Timothy was a guest here and contributed the popular article “Is the Molly Stark Hospital in Ohio Truly Haunted?” Well, he’s back to share with us three spooky paranormal stories of haunted cemeteries and some interesting theories about the invisible veil that separates us from the realms of ghosts. Without further ado, I’ll turn this blog over to Timothy.

The veil between the physical and the spiritual worlds holds many mysteries about life and death. There must be some good reason why God has placed this dividing wall between these two realms. I suppose that if it wasn’t there, then a strange chaos would ensue because of the great confusion between physical beings and their spiritual counterparts existing in the same realm. Without this barrier there would be no “other side” to cross over and even the concepts of heaven and hell might not exist because everything would be transparent. Or, maybe they would exist and the blissful or fiery visual reminder would motivate people to live better lives. Perhaps, as well, things were designed this way to provide boundaries and rules for humans and spirits to follow. The fact is we simply do not know for certain. What we do know is that a society without rules is, of course, total anarchy.

So ... we could say that this veil is there to maintain order. However, there are some entities who are able to defy the natural spiritual laws by crossing over this barrier and manifesting themselves to us. They can harvest energy and appear as a physical ectoplasm, mist, or dark inky smoke. Some even use dust to manifest, and yet others do not physically manifest at all. But, no matter what form entities take, they can physically affect you. In fact, they can scare the crap out of you … if you let them.

A Cemetery of Unrest

“‘Island Yields Skeletons of Prison Dead,’ was the headline in the Alton, Illinois Telegraph on July 23, 1935. Workers excavating for a dam on the Mississippi River had encountered a mass grave.” (rootsweb)

The workers had discovered remains from an island that was located about 9 miles north of the city of St. Louis. Before the Civil War this place was known as “Sunflower Island” and is notorious for a duel that happened here in 1842. “At the time, a man by the name of James Shields was the Illinois State Auditor. He was also the political rival of a young lawyer named Abraham Lincoln.” (distilledhistory) The story goes that Lincoln wrote a letter to the local newspaper poking fun at Shields. Lincoln’s future wife, Mary Todd, continued to write these letters under a phony name and very quickly Shields’ reputation began to suffer. Shields assumed the persistent letter writing was Lincoln’s doing and challenged him to a duel by sword on Sunflower Island. Shields, who was 8 inches shorter than Lincoln, ultimately realized his stature and arm length would put him at a severe disadvantage and he would inevitably lose the duel. After tempers cooled, and with the memories of Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton still lingering, they made peace.

The island changed its name to “Smallpox Island” in 1862, when “the federal government took over a disused prison there ... and turned it into a prisoner of war camp. Out of the 11,764 Confederate prisoners, about 1,800 of them died.” (rootsweb) Smallpox had broken out in this camp and the overcrowded living conditions plagued the site with pneumonia and dysentery as well. Many of the prisoners who died here were buried in the town of Alton. To a certain degree, I believe that the high paranormal activity in Alton National Cemetery stems from the events on Smallpox Island, because these soldiers are continually locked in unrest and pleading to be helped. Our investigation of the Alton National Cemetery suggests that this may very well be true.

Our Cemetery Investigation

Upon entering the cemetery off of Pearl Street, we immediately felt that someone was following us. Our psychic alarms were going off and every now and then we could hear the scuffle of feet in the gravel. Our tour guide told us this was very common here, because the soldiers are curious of who you are and will follow you on the paths. She also mentioned that some soldiers can be seen darting from tree to tree. We were able to catch several glimpses of dark shadows running across the graveyard as though they were still fighting the enemy. And they truly believe that the war rages on and their brotherly enemy is still out to kill them.

Working with dowsing rods

After walking through about two-thirds of the cemetery, we decided to break out the dowsing rods. My wife held them in her hands and I walked behind her with a digital camera over her head, constantly shooting photos. Very quickly an unseen entity began to work the rods, guiding us through the gravestones. At one stop we were able to capture a white mist that only showed up on film. We did not see it with our naked eyes. Since the batteries were draining very quickly, we attributed this phenomenon to this entity as harvesting energy in an attempt to manifest him or herself to us.

Ectoplasm of possible Civil War soldier

Finally the entity stopped at the site of two graves. Who these folks were that are buried here, we may never know. What we do know is that an unseen entity was utilizing the dowsing rods and our batteries to reach out to us in the hopes that we could in some way help. Is it possible he could have been a restless soul of one of the victims of Smallpox Island? Can we say that those who have crossed over seek the same closure that we do in this life?

The Katy Trail Reveals Its Secret

Ghost tracker, Timothy Yohe

Anyone who loves to hike or ride a bicycle out in the beauty of nature in the state of Missouri is very familiar with the Katy Trail. This trail was created from an old railway that was no longer in use and has since been torn up and covered in fine gravel. At points, it runs along the Missouri River, with one area in particular that sits right on the riverfront.

This town is called Portland, and it "was laid out in 1831 by John Yates and Eden Benson." Slowly the town's population grew to near 250 in 1874. In this year the town “had 2 stores, 1 furniture store, 1 jewelry store, 1 blacksmith shop, and 1 tobacco factory." ( Today the community hosts a couple more stores and the population seems to have increased a little, however, there is no data available. Our interest in writing this article does not necessarily lie with the historic town itself, but rather a certain landmark that does exist in the northeastern part of the community.

One summer day my wife and I decided to ride this trail, starting out at Portland station and heading east. It was a rather warm day, but the view was amazing.

 Landmark along the Katy Trail, old plow

Another landmark, grain silo

Very quickly into our ride, a tall rocky ridge towered over our left shoulders as we progressed down the trail toward a wooden bridge.  Along the way I thought I heard movement and sensed that someone or something might be up there. We decided to stop and turn back around at the bridge.  My wife told me that she too sensed something on top of the ridge.

With our eyes scanning the landscape on our return back, we could hear sticks snapping and brush moving. There was no sign of any animal or human running through the vegetation. Something was watching us, tracking us, following our movement. Suddenly my wife let out a shout and I heard gravel skidding. Quickly she recovered and caught up to me on her bike and told me something smacked her back tire hard and almost made her crash into the ditch!

We stopped and tried debunking what had happened by inspecting her bike for mechanical failures and found none. She also said that right before the tire was hit that she heard footsteps running up on her, but she did not see anyone. She agreed with me, as she is very sensitive to the paranormal realm, that she too sensed someone eerily staring and following us along this stretch of trail. This incident was very disconcerting because, odds are she wasn't the first person to be attacked on this stretch of the Katy Trail. Some invisible entity was aggressively playful and intended harm. Very shortly after we packed up to leave, we headed out to try and find the source of this activity.
After jumping back onto Route 94, we traveled north around a right curve and headed east. We tried to keep in mind the geographic location of this spot, so we could see if there was anything on top of the ridge. After rounding the next corner, we decided that here was the spot for this ridge, and, lo and behold ... a cemetery!


Was it just coincidence? We hardly think so. The cemetery runs the length of 94 and ends at its southernmost point right at that ridge. I was unable to find any information about this cemetery online, so we can only surmise the who and why behind this paranormal activity. Alas, beware! If you are riding east on the Katy Trail from Portland, Missouri, there is a very unsettled, unseen entity that will try to cause you harm!

Shocking Phenomenon in Ohio

Nestled in the northeast city of Canton, Ohio lies West Lawn Cemetery. Here President William McKinley is buried along with other famous local figures like the inventor of the Hoover vacuum, "Boss Hoover," and the founder of the roller bearing, H.H. Timken. It is also believed to be the final home of another very well-known figure:

"Rumor has it that a Timken family member in Germany wrote to his successful cousin in America and told him how the grave site of Victor Frankenstein was being defaced and spit upon in their small town. The American Timken and founder of Timken Roller Bearings paid for the remains of the body to be flown to Canton to give Dr. Frankenstein a resting place."  (

Cemeteries not only can have dark histories like this one, but they also are believed to be watched over by caretakers known as gatekeepers. Gatekeepers have been historically mentioned as far back as the Greek gods, and their roles have mainly been as the mysterious and mystical protectors of the dead.

Gatekeepers view

Many years ago a good friend and I had a startling experience that has been forever been imprinted in my memory to this day. While walking through the southernmost part of West Lawn Cemetery, we came around a hilltop corner and stumbled upon a very clear apparition standing in front of this tombstone.

This entity had long hair, long beard, was garbed in a flowing robe, and was standing in front of this tombstone looking out across the cemetery. His entire body radiated a pale, bluish gray light and he turned and looked at us as we approached. Needless to say that his gaze sent fear surging through our bodies and we quickly turned around and ran out of the cemetery. Because this was such a scary experience, I will never forget this rare opportunity of catching a glimpse of what we believe was the gatekeeper of West Lawn Cemetery.

Some Final Thoughts

White streaks are image of spiritual veil, 
taken at Molly Stark Hospital

Each of these three experiences are uniquely different. The one factor that unifies them together is that each manifestation exercised an ability to cross over the invisible veil into our physical world. There seems to be a number of ways that an entity can harvest energy in order to make this happen. In the Alton Cemetery the soldier (we assume) was able to pull energy from our camera batteries to manifest itself into physical ectoplasm.

The mischievous entity on the Katy Trail didn’t seem to have any energy source it could draw upon, except for the possibility of limestone deposits which could line the shores of the Missouri River. It could be a possibility as well that this was a very strong spirit in life and simply carried that intensity into the next life. 

The gatekeeper that we very clearly saw appeared as though he had been around for a very long time because of his garb. I would suppose that an entity who chose to fill this role would have a lot of experience on how to harvest and utilize energy as he would deem fit. Just as we in this physical world learn the parameters of natural law, so too will entities do the same in the spirit world.

Perhaps the two worlds really aren’t that different from one another. Someday we will have some scientific answers to these types of questions and, in the end, life and death won’t be so much of a frightening mystery to our limited human minds.

For more true paranormal stories, check out Timothy Yohe’s Paranormal blog:

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