Thursday, May 22, 2014

Book Signing at Dallas Comic Con 2014

Thousands of fans came out to see celebrities like Stan Lee, 
William Shatner, Nathan Fillion and the cast of Firefly/Serenity, 
Alice Cooper, Robert England, the cast of The Walking Dead,
Star Trek: Next Generation and many more. 

 Here I am selling my books and meeting sci-fi horror fans.

 Tomb Raider: her costume says it all.

I shared a booth with award winning sci-fi author Paul Black. 

 Walked past this Nazi creature with a gas mask
and thought he looked quite familiar.

Below are some cool masks.

 Thought this guy was pretty wicked looking.

 I so wanted to go for a ride in the landspeeder.

Partying with friends and Yoda
Saturday night After Party at Gilley's.

Ran into an old friend, Kristen. 
I see her every year at Texas Frightmare Weekend.

Who doesn't love the Ninja Turtles?