Friday, October 14, 2016

Photos from Mt. Shasta Retreat

Last month I spent a week in Mt. Shasta, California on a retreat through a company called Sacred Voyages led by Greg Magick Bernstein where we visited several sacred sites and energy vortexes around Mt. Shasta. It's truly a magical place and the retreat was just what I needed to amp up my creativity and get energized for my goals for the coming year. I had the best time hanging out with some fantastic people. I also got some inspiration for my latest novel, which I'm currently writing. Below are some photos from my trip.

 View of Mt. Shasta from our retreat house

 We spent a week at a beautiful 
secluded retreat house.

My fellow adventurers.

At Bernie Falls
Hiking above the treeline near 
the top of Mt. Shasta.
Our final night, we celebrated 
at a campfire cookout.
Me with my good friend and Sacred Voyages 
retreat leader, Greg "Magick" Bernstein
Every where I went there were 
beautiful views of Mt. Shasta.
Eating at Black Bear Diner in Mt. Shasta City
Exploring Pluto Cave north of Mt. Shasta
One of my favorite things to do is to explore caves 
and Pluto Cave has 4 of them.
I felt a powerful energy coming from the sun that
beamed through this skylight.

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