Thursday, June 18, 2015

New Book by Horror Author Latashia Figueroa

When I'm not writing books, I provide editing, book design, and publishing services to other authors. I'm happy to announce that today my client, up and coming horror author Latashia Figueroa, releases her dark suspense / horror novella Ivy's Envy (Book One of the Want & Decay Trilogy) on Amazon. It's a great story and I'm proud to have gotten the opportunity to edit the book and design the cover. I also formatted the eBook and posted it on sale at Amazon. 

Here's a synopsis of the story:

Latashia Figueroa’s riveting Want & Decay Trilogy follows the entangled lives of three people tormented by lust, jealousy, madness and murder. In this first book, Ivy’s Envy, Ivy James has had a history of violence with the men she falls for. Her grandmother and parents know what Ivy is capable of when things don’t go her way. 

Now Ivy has become obsessed with Thomas Miles, a man who works at her office. She is certain that Thomas loves her too. But there are people who stand in the way of Ivy and Thomas finally being together, like his wife, Deana. Determined to have the love that is their destiny, Ivy will go down a very dark and twisted road to make Thomas hers, and hers alone. But Ivy is not the only one who has dark secrets, and everyone involved will soon learn that pursuing love and passion to the extreme can lead to terrifying consequences.

Coming soon, Book #2 of the Want & Decay Trilogy: Thomas’ Want.

If you haven’t yet discovered Latashia Figueroa’s dark fiction, I highly recommend reading her books. Ivy's Envy is the first of three books. She also has a short story collection called This Way Darkness.

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