Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Cover Reveal and Excerpt for DARKNESS RISING

My latest book, DARKNESS RISING, is a blood-tingling revenge story with a supernatural twist. The novella releases as an eBook on Amazon and other online bookstores September 1st. Below is a description of the book along with a sneak peek of how the book begins.

It’s all fun and games until...

Marty Weaver, an emotionally scarred poet, has been bullied his entire life. When he drives out to the lake to tell an old friend that he’s fallen in love with a girl named Jennifer, Marty encounters three sadistic killers who have some twisted games in store for him. But Marty has dark secrets of his own buried deep inside him. And tonight, when all the pain from the past is triggered, when those secrets are revealed, blood will flow and hell will rise.

“From the first page I was hooked and couldn't read fast enough. Moreland takes a wicked revenge tale and supes it up, and then when you think things are resolved and you wonder where he's going with it, he delivers the goods. Filled with brutal violence, great prose, nasty characters and ones you root for, Darkness Rising is a must read!!!!

--David Bernstein, author of Goblins and Witch Island
Here’s an excerpt from the book:
Deep in the Oregon woods, the lake watched in silence as the woman crawled across the muddy banks, dragging her wounded legs. A switchblade jutted from the back of one thigh. Moonlight glinted off the exposed bone of her hip. Hair, caked with blood and dirt, clung to the woman’s face as she clawed her way into the shallow water. She found her husband, or what was left of him, floating facedown near the shore. Hugging his butchered torso, she wailed, an animal cry that echoed across the valley. A flock of ducks took flight. Behind the mutilated couple stood the killer with the white rabbit mask, head cocked, a bloody machete resting on one shoulder. Then two more joined the rabbit, a toad and weasel, both taller, their clothes covered in dark stains. The three masked killers admired their blood work. The frantic woman released her husband’s body and attempted to swim away, flailing her arms, but Toad and Weasel waded in after her and brought her screaming back to shore. Then Weasel picked up the video camera and began filming again. White Rabbit continued torturing the woman. Then Toad had his fun. At dawn, the woman’s screams finally ended. The lake watched in silence as the three animals danced around her corpse, then slipped into the forest.


The world had always been a cruel place for Marty Weaver. His scars were many and deep. Growing up, his teachers and various foster parents had labeled him autistic, a problem child, emotionally disturbed, while the kids at the foster homes and at school called him names—nerd, wimp, dweeb, freak and worse. He seemed to walk through life with a sign that read “bully me”, even though what he wanted most was a circle of friends and family to love and love him back. 

His best friends were dead poets―Yates, Hawthorne, Keats, Byron, Frost and Poe, to name a few. They taught Marty how to pour the burdens of his soul into poetry. With each poem he wrote and read to the lake, he peeled back a layer of scar tissue and felt a sense of hope that he might one day become a man others could love, maybe even a man who could learn to love himself.

Tonight was a special night. Every full moon, in a tradition he had started as a teenager, Marty did two things. First, he visited the cemetery and put fresh flowers on his mother’s grave. Then he drove along the wooded back roads that carved between the Blue Mountains to read his latest poems to the lake. Writing poetry helped him deal with all his pent-up emotions. It had helped him through his roughest times―the loss of his parents when he was nine, all the hell he had gone through bouncing between foster homes, and the rocky period that followed when he turned eighteen and ventured out on his own.

He parked in the lot overlooking the water, eager to share more about this radiant angel who had entered his life. As he climbed out of his car, he noticed a van parked in the shadows of a tree with looming branches. It looked like one of those custom vans with flames painted down the sides. 

This gravel lot, on the farthest side of the lake, was always empty. Most people didn’t know this place existed because it wasn’t on the campground maps and it took several dirt roads to get here. He came to this spot because it was the special place his parents used to bring him to when he was a boy. The lot and beach were completely hidden by dense woods. Across the water was the most majestic view of pines and mountains. Occasionally a boat passed by, but mostly this inlet was quiet and still. His mother had called their secret spot “the Magic Cove”. She loved to swim here, sunbathe, and take him exploring in the forest.

His father liked this cove because the fishing was good. He taught Marty how to work a rod and reel, gut a fish with a knife, skin it and flay it. Mornings were always spent with the two of them fishing for whatever the lake offered that day, while Marty’s mother read her books or did yoga. Then they’d have a picnic and cook their fish over a campfire. Those were the best days of Marty’s childhood, before The Bad Thing happened.

That someone had discovered his private cove made Marty feel invaded. He watched the van for a moment, but it looked dark and empty. Maybe someone had abandoned it there. Or some hikers had gone on a long trek around the lake. He didn’t see anyone, so he didn’t concern himself too much about the van.

He walked down the hill to the water’s edge with his journal. The moon’s glow cast his shadow across the lake’s glassy surface.

“Hello, old friend. It’s been a few weeks. I’ve got some new poems for you.” 

He opened his journal, feeling the worn leather cover against his palms. The oversized book, filled with hundreds of pages of his handwriting and drawings, was a memoir of his inner world from childhood to now. The stiff, heavily inked pages crinkled as he turned them, and that sound always made him feel a sense of nostalgia. 

The book had been a gift from his mother on his eighth birthday. Across these pages he had written countless poems, short stories, and glued-together collages of magazine pictures of things he wanted to one day own or become. At age eight, he had wanted to be Batman and pasted cutouts from a comic book. At age nine, it was Aquaman. As he got older, the pictures changed from superheroes to cars, to girls, to the things he now aspired to have as an adult, like an education, professorship, someday a wife. 

Next to a pamphlet of St. Germaine College was a photo of him and Jennifer at the campus gardens where they had taken a selfie standing in front of a fountain. The last fifty or so pages were filled with his love poems, some so sappy he felt embarrassed to read them. Most of his poems were amateurish musings, while every now and then he wrote something he was proud of. The only one who had ever heard any of his writings was the lake.

Marty held the big book open like a preacher about to give a sermon, only his congregation was the frogs and the reeds and the dark water. “I’ve been seeing Jennifer around campus more and more. Today she gave me a gift and kissed me on the cheek. The way she acts around me sometimes, I…I think I might actually have a shot with her.” He felt his heart expand just thinking about her. “Her beauty has awakened something in me that I’ve never felt for anyone. I can’t stop writing about her. I’ve got at least a dozen new ones. This first one’s still a work in progress. The beats aren’t quite right, but this is what I’ve written so far.”

He read the poem aloud:

In her eyes, fireflies
Sparks from my caress
On our faces, warm smiles
Cannons in our chests

Time's first gentle touch
Feathers along our flesh
Tall grass all around us
We whisper, touch, undress

Butterflies in our heads
Opening wings together
Taking flight in purple skies
Evaporating like the weather

The sound of hands clapping startled Marty.

“That is the most beautiful piece of shit I ever heard,” a man’s voice echoed off the water, followed by laughter.

Marty turned to see three silhouettes walking along the shoreline towards him.


“Just finished Darkness Rising and still reeling from the conflict, terror, horror and emotional rollercoaster that Brian Moreland has weaved so magically into this novella . . . Weaving its superbly crafted way through demons, vengeance and an indomitable spirit, this is a real winner. 5 star horror all the way!

--Catherine Cavendish, author of Dark Avenging Angel and The Pendle’s Curse
Darkness Rising is now available for pre-order:

Thursday, June 18, 2015

New Book by Horror Author Latashia Figueroa

When I'm not writing books, I provide editing, book design, and publishing services to other authors. I'm happy to announce that today my client, up and coming horror author Latashia Figueroa, releases her dark suspense / horror novella Ivy's Envy (Book One of the Want & Decay Trilogy) on Amazon. It's a great story and I'm proud to have gotten the opportunity to edit the book and design the cover. I also formatted the eBook and posted it on sale at Amazon. 

Here's a synopsis of the story:

Latashia Figueroa’s riveting Want & Decay Trilogy follows the entangled lives of three people tormented by lust, jealousy, madness and murder. In this first book, Ivy’s Envy, Ivy James has had a history of violence with the men she falls for. Her grandmother and parents know what Ivy is capable of when things don’t go her way. 

Now Ivy has become obsessed with Thomas Miles, a man who works at her office. She is certain that Thomas loves her too. But there are people who stand in the way of Ivy and Thomas finally being together, like his wife, Deana. Determined to have the love that is their destiny, Ivy will go down a very dark and twisted road to make Thomas hers, and hers alone. But Ivy is not the only one who has dark secrets, and everyone involved will soon learn that pursuing love and passion to the extreme can lead to terrifying consequences.

Coming soon, Book #2 of the Want & Decay Trilogy: Thomas’ Want.

If you haven’t yet discovered Latashia Figueroa’s dark fiction, I highly recommend reading her books. Ivy's Envy is the first of three books. She also has a short story collection called This Way Darkness.

Friday, April 3, 2015

New Book Deal

I'm happy to announce that I just inked a deal to publish my 6th book with Samhain Horror. My novella, DARKNESS RISING, will release Sept 1, 2015.

As soon as I get the cover art, I'll post more about the book.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

My Road to Samhain by Glenn Rolfe

Fans of horror may know author Glenn Rolfe for his terrifying short stories or his novel The Haunted Halls. Today, I’m happy to have Rolfe as a guest to talk about his journey into horror fiction and his latest book, Abram’s Bridge, published through Samhain Horror. 

Hi. My name is Glenn Rolfe. Prior to 2004, I wasn't really much of a reader. Sure, I'd read a few Stephen King and Anne Rice novels, but I would read one of those over the course of six months or so. It wasn't until my first marriage crumbled and I found myself living with my cousins that I turned to the written word for something. For something to escape and disappear into…I couldn’t choose what haunted my dreams, but I could decide on what darkness swirled through my mind during my waking moments.  I found myself venturing to my local Borders and perusing the horror titles in search for a new King novel. Funny things is, Borders had a terrific Horror section. There were plenty of the Masters novels, but as I let my eyes drift, I gazed upon names I'd never heard of: Laymon, Little, Ketchum... I had some cash acting like battery acid in my pocket and decided to venture outside my King/Rice comfort zone and snag two authors I'd never read. I left the store with paperback copies of The House by Bentley Little and The Rising by Brian Keene.

I devoured both of these titles and realized I'd stumbled into a wide world of frightful wonders. I remember Little's macabre and sometimes erotic scenes drilled holes through my preconceived notions on what to expect. I remember reading the scene near the beginning of The Rising where we find out what happens when one of Keene's zombies has a baby in their belly...Let's just say I never read anything like that before. These two books succeeded in pressing a number of buttons I didn't know were present in my brain. The scenes written in these pages were bold, over the top, violent, disturbing, raw...but somehow, the writer's made them believable. 
I don't think it was long after I finished The Rising that I found Ketchum's Off Season in the paperback section at my local grocery store. Off Season? Yeah, I experienced a BIG mind-fuck on that one. I noticed something familiar on the spine of Ketchum's novel–LB Fiction.  Inside the book I found the offer to receive Leisure Book Horror titles EACH month (the first two completely FREE!). Visions of Columbia House's music club and the magical option to have this new love delivered to my mailbox headbanged into my hungry horror-reading heart.

Over the next two and a half years, I managed to move six times, found an awesome new lady to marry, and welcomed my first baby into the world. I didn't end up signing up for the Leisure Book Horror Club until 2007. I got books from Laymon, Keene, Ketchum, plus new (to me) authors like Nate Kenyon, Gord Rollo, Wrath James White, John Everson, and Ronald Malfi. I dove in and swam their crimson lakes and rejoiced in this flood of dark fiction like the younger version of myself in the summer of 1988 overdosing on Headbanger's Ball.

All good things must end, nothing gold can stay.... She's my cherry pie gave way to I hate myself and I want to die.

Like a lot of my fellow horror literature fans in those days, when Dorchester Publishing imploded under the eBook surge, and the paperbacks by my favorites stopped coming, I was lost. I mean, we still had King and some kid named, Joe Hill...but who would have thought that eBooks would have played Nirvana to Mass Market Paperbacks’ Warrant?

In May of 2011, I started toying with the idea of writing my own horror novel. I'm not sure if it was the void left from the double-dose of books coming in the mail each month or the fact that I was between jobs, but I felt compelled to try. I had no idea what I was doing. I mean, I didn't even finish high school. What made me think I could write a novel? Well, whatever the case, I actually started the novel, and more importantly, I finished it. The first draft took me about three months to finish.  That was August 2011.

Samhain Horror Editor, Don D'Auria

Now, I realized that it was far from perfect, that it was not ready for prime time, but I immediately began to search for one name–Don D'Auria. I'd seen his name in the front of all of my favorite Leisure Books titles. I knew he was the man in charge of picking the manuscripts and authors that became part of the Leisure Book catalog. I also knew he'd been let go when the company started to sink. I Googled his name and found Samhain Publishing.  Don had just been brought on to start up a horror line for them. They were accepting manuscripts from all authors, established and new alike. I did not send in my manuscript.

I wasn't ready.

So I did what I knew I had to do. I read more books. I also added books about how to write. I started writing short stories and collecting rejections. I joined the Horror Writers Association and started seeking advice.

Fast forward three years.

I met Don D'Auria at the 2013 World Horror Convention in New Orleans. I pitched him the original manuscript I'd written in 2011 and he asked to see it. In October, I got the rejection email. He told me that there was a lot to like, but that he couldn't offer me a contract at that time. He also told me to send him whatever I finished next. So, that's just what I did.

In March of 2014 Don accepted my novella, Abram's Bridge.

Abram's Bridge came out earlier this year alongside new releases by three of my favorite Samhain authors, Hunter Shea, Russell James, and Jonathan Janz. All three of these guys (plus John Everson and Brian Moreland) accepted my friend requests on Facebook. All of these guys answered any writing questions I dared to ask, wished me luck, and encouraged me to chase that dream. I owe each of them a ton for what their openness did for my confidence as a writer. Thank you Hunter, Jonathan, Russell, Brian, and John!

Here’s the synopsis for Abram’s Bridge:

There is a darkness in this town, and it’s buried beneath Abram’s Bridge.

When Lil Ron meets Sweet Kate under Abram’s Bridge he is mesmerized. And when he realizes this beautiful girl is a ghost, it frightens him, but also draws him to her. Curiosity and a drive to make things right lead Lil Ron into a tangle of small-town secrets involving his own father and other members of this otherwise quiet community.

Bit by bit, he will uncover the truth about Sweet Kate, a story of heartbreak, violence…and fear.


Abram's Bridge has garnered some fantastic reviews. Above validating me as a writer, for me, it validates Don's belief in me. It validates the writer friendships that I've made since setting out on this journey. It validates my wife and family's patience and understanding in giving me the time and space I need to construct these stories.

I don't have any lofty goals or crazy thoughts of becoming a successful, full-time writer, but I do plan on crafting many, many, many more stories for anyone willing to read them.

If you're looking for a good horror story, I hope you'll give Abram's Bridge a try.


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Watch for my next two pieces from Samhain Publishing:
My Horror/Sci-Fi tale, Boom Town (April, 7th),
and my werewolf novel, Blood and Rain (fall, 2015)