Saturday, April 22, 2017

Writing News

Although it's been awhile since I released a new book, I've had a productive month of writing. Finished revising my novel TOMB OF GODS, my novella SAVAGE ISLAND, and a new short story for an upcoming anthology. Next, I'm working on a new historical horror short story I'm eager to get writing on.

I currently have no timetable for when my novel and novella will be released. Very soon, I'll be able to announce the name of the horror anthology that my short story will be published in. I appreciate everyone who reads my books and posts reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Guest Author Glenn Rolfe: The Story I Tried to Kill

Glenn Rolfe, author of scary books, like BLOOD AND RAIN and CHASING GHOSTS, is back to talk about writing his latest book, BECOMING.

“The Story I Tried to Kill”
A guest post by Glenn Rolfe

I started writing my latest novel, BECOMING, back in 2013. It was going up as a serial novel for the Jukepop Serials website. Sometime during the writing of the book, I landed my first deal with Samhain Publishing and started working on the four works that they would eventually put out. Near the end of 2015, I dove back into BECOMING and finished the first draft.

All last year, I tried and tried to revise, edit, and re-work the original story to a place where I’d feel comfortable releasing or submitting it. Every broken part I fixed created twice as many new areas that just wouldn’t work. I got frustrated with the story. I scrapped it. One friend told me to turn it into a YA novel, which I honestly did consider, but there was too much gore in there to make that work. No, I was convinced that it was a story destined for the scrapheap.

Enter Lisa.

She was a reader who had followed along with the serialized version. The problem was that I never put the entire story up at Jukepop. I stopped posting chapters around the halfway point. I know, bad move. At least finish what you started! Lisa wrote to me shortly after I ‘d made my decision to scrap the book. She messaged me: “Whatever happened to BECOMING? I loved that it was so great!”

When there is a calling….

I did the one thing I’d considered but been too afraid to do—I started the story over from scratch. Within one fresh writing session, I had my story. Some of the characters are the same, some names, some scenes were lifted straight from the original manuscript, but this story became (he, he, he) what I was hoping it would all along. It became a character-driven, creature-feature. I let some of my main influences slip in and wiggle around in the creepy, twisted tale. A dash of King’s The Tommyknockers here, a touch of James A. Moore’s Rabid Growth there, and some straight up Rolfe for the rest. I wanted to create a story in line with some of my favorite things: paranoia, small towns, and something in the lake. In the end, it was the characters and their person storylines that developed throughout that really surprised me. There’s an importance of family thread that keeps this cast together. There’s even some not-so-nice relationships presented to balance out the good ones. Looking back now, I feel that was just as important, to keep the Yin with the Yang. And it wasn’t even planned that way! That’s what I love about writing. The characters and the story, they can just take total control and become more than you ever imagined. I’m just so glad that Lisa reached out to me. Thank you, Lisa!

Anyway, I hope you’ll check it out. BECOMING is my third novel and is available right now for Kindle, with the print edition to follow in the next couple weeks. It’s on sale for the month of April for the discounted price of $2.99 (a buck off!). The April deal is in honor of BECOMING being selected as the Goodreads group, GORE and MORE’s group read for this month, which officially begins April 10th. I’ll be the special guest author with the group. I’ll be answering as many questions as I can, and talking inspirations and such as often as possible throughout the read. I hope you’ll join us!

Included with BECOMING, is my alien-horror/creature feature novella, BOOM TOWN.

Purchase your copy here:

Visit Glenn at or follow him on Twitter @grolfehorror
Glenn is the author of Blood and Rain, The Haunted Halls, Abram’s Bridge, Boom Town, Chasing Ghosts, Things We Fear, Slush, and Out of Range. His short fiction has appeared in many anthologies.
Stay tuned for his next crazy novel.