Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Book Release Day!

Today my horror novella collection BLOODSACRIFICES: FOUR TALES OF TERROR releases in eBook and paperback. The collection includes my three my previous published novellas plus a short story that, until today, had only been available as eBooks.

The Girl from the Blood Coven
In this short prequel to The Witching House, when Abigail Blackwood claims her hippy commune family has been massacred, Sheriff Travis Keagan and his deputies investigate. They discover there’s more than weed smoking going on at Blevins House. Much more.

The Witching House
Sarah Donovan is scared of just about everything, but she helps her adventurous boyfriend investigate the old, abandoned Blevins House, scene of a forty-year-old unsolved massacre. Little do they know the house is hungry for fresh prey…

Darkness Rising
When Marty Weaver encounters three killers who like to play sadistic games with their victims, his own scarred past is unearthed. And when his pain is triggered, blood will flow…and hell will rise.

The Vagrants
Beneath the city of Boston, evil is gathering. While living under a bridge with the homeless, journalist Daniel Finley witnessed something that nearly cost him his sanity. Now, with a book published about the experience, he’s caught between the Irish mafia and a deranged cult preparing to shed blood on the street.

These supernatural stories in are the darkest of all my books. BLOOD SACRIFICES is filled with secret realms, cults, ghosts, witches, sadistic killers, demons and old gods along the lines of the visceral horror of Clive Barker and dark, fantastic tales by H.P. Lovecraft. Darkness Rising was also influenced by my love of books by Richard Laymon.

Available now at Amazon, BarnesandNoble, Kobo, and through many other online bookstores.

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