Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Book Release Day - Darkness Rising

My newest release and 6th published book is Darkness Rising, a supernatural horror story about love, revenge, poetry, and what happens when bullies mess with the wrong person. As I was writing my main character, Marty Weaver, an often picked on college-age kid, I asked myself what if Marty, who is a good person with big dreams, gets bullied by the nastiest people on earth and what they don’t know is Marty’s childhood upbringing caused him to have a dark side that’s worse than the three serial killers tormenting him? What if they pushed Marty to the brink and unleashed that dark side?

Here’s the synopsis:

It’s all fun and games until...
Marty Weaver, an emotionally scarred poet, has been bullied his entire life. When he drives out to the lake to tell an old friend that he’s fallen in love with a girl named Jennifer, Marty encounters three sadistic killers who have some twisted games in store for him. But Marty has dark secrets of his own buried deep inside him. And tonight, when all the pain from the past is triggered, when those secrets are revealed, blood will flow and hell will rise.
"Moreland has assembled a masterpiece ... The thin line between horror and beauty in this story is one that must be read ... one of my favorite horror releases of the year."
—Horror Underground

"Fantastic. Bone-chilling."
—The Crow Grrl

“If you are a fan of Moreland or the genre, you owe it to yourself to add this to your collection."
—Horror After Dark

Darkness Rising is available as an ebook through:

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