Wednesday, October 29, 2014

My Latest Short Story

This past year I've been writing on a lot of different projects, including several short stories that I plan to release over the next few months. This week, for Halloween, I'm releasing my latest short story as a .99 eBook.

The Jack-‘O-Lantern Man:

Every few years, on Halloween night, a legendary bogeyman stalks the rural town of Millcreek. For ten-year-old Corey Wilkes, tonight will be one filled with terror as he fears the killer is creeping through the darkness of his house. Will Corey and his family be the next ones slaughtered?

I first wrote The Jack-‘O-Lantern Man back in 1990, when I was in college. It’s based on all my childhood fears of the dark and a couple of true experiences where I had thought an intruder had broken into our house when my dad was out of town and it was just me, my mom and my sister. We heard a loud banging sound coming from the kitchen. I was about twelve and considered "the man of the house" when my dad was away on his trips. After hearing the strange noise, I grabbed a baseball and searched the house with my mom and sister behind me. I turned on lights as I went, but every room ahead of me was pitch dark and I had this strong fear that I was going to confront an intruder and that he’d have a butcher knife. We got to the kitchen but no one was there. In the adjoining dining room, which was pitch dark, we had these double slatted doors that were partially open. I crept toward them and peered through the cracks where the doors were hinged to the threshold. I saw a shadowy shape there that looked like a man holding a bat, ready to clobber me as soon as I entered the dining room. I remember my heart racing. I thought my family and I were going to die that night. The shadowy shape behind the door turned out to be a metal hutch that was curved and had a prong sticking up that I had mistaken as a bat. We never did find the source of the banging. I learned that night that a boy who watches a lot of horror movies can scare himself half to death with his imagination. This and another experience where I felt someone grab my feet while I was sleeping inspired me to write a story from ten-year-old Corey’s fear that a bogeyman was inside his house. I’m releasing the short story in time for Halloween.    

The Jack-‘O-Lantern Man is available for Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and iPad.

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