Saturday, July 5, 2014

High Praise for THE VAGRANTS

Here are some reviews for my latest eBook The Vagrants.

“The Vagrants is a phenomenal novella that intermixes all the best short story ideas of Stephen King’s societal yarns, focusing on character development, and yet writing with more staccato prose and less filler such as the master suspense author John Saul and the imaginary, subterranean, otherworldly, monsteresque, cannibalistic, supernatural writing of Clive Barker.”

―Oh, for the Hook of a Book (read the full review and interview):


“The Vagrants is a captivating supernatural thriller from Brian Moreland . . . entertaining characters, a unique plot, and pulse-pounding action, making The Vagrants a novella that’s hard to put down. The Vagrants is the third story I’ve read by Brian Moreland, and I absolutely loved it. All I can say is if you enjoy horror with a supernatural twist, Brian Moreland should be on your list of authors to try.”

―The Lusty Penguin


“I love Moreland’s writing because as a reader, I never know quite what to expect from him. Some of the horror he writes is in your face while some is subtly painted and left to your imagination. What you can always expect from a Brian Moreland book is colorful characters, brilliant dialogue and suspense and thrills that are hard to find anywhere else.  If you’re in the mood for a story that is unique and well-written, The Vagrants is a book written by a man who obviously loves what he does and writes for his fans, not for the money.”

―Horror Reviews by Dawnzilla


“The Vagrants, with its quick pace and satisfying genre elements, plays like the most satisfying episodes of an anthology program such as Masters of Horror or Tales from the Crypt. With The Vagrants, Brian Moreland has crafted a unique and thrilling vision of horror that left me both satisfied and wanting more. I strongly encourage you to pick up this novella.”

―Ravenous Monster


“I loved this book. It has it all―it's well-written, engaging from the first page, a mystery that keeps you turning the pages and it's terrifying throughout, but grows darker and meaner as the story progresses. But most of all what I loved was that I didn’t know where it was going, as in how it was all going to come together. BUT come to together it did. I cannot recommend this book enough.”

―David Bernstein, author of Witch Island - review posted on Amazon


“The Vagrants is the latest work from Brian Moreland, an author who I have come to rely on to create tales of creeping horror and gore that also has intelligence about them. His work is well researched for a taste of authenticity and despite the supernatural phenomena that occurs on the pages, there is a sense of believability to his characters.

 ―Patrick D’Orazio at Tomes of Darkness


“An original story that I thought was a lot of fun.”

―Horror After Dark

The Vagrants is available through Amazon,, iBooks, Kobo, and Samhain Publishing.

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