Thursday, January 16, 2014

High Praise for THE DEVIL'S WOODS

Book reviewers and fans have been posting some wonderful reviews for my latest novel THE DEVIL'S WOODS. You can read the reviews below:

"Five★★★★★stars for The Devil’s Woods! ... I have enjoyed everything I’ve read by Brian Moreland, but in my opinion, this is his best work so far ... Draw the shades, lock all of the doors, curl up in a blanket and read The Devil’s Woods." 


The Devil's Woods is an awesome horror novel, filled with nerve-wracking suspense and thrilling action!”  

—Jeff Strand, author of Wolf Hunt

“Brian Moreland’s fiction is taut and spellbinding, often blending varied themes to form a dark genre very much his own.  From his WWII occult thriller Shadows in the Mist, to the haunting chiller The Devil’s Woods, Brian’s work is at once versatile, original, and deeply engaging.”  

—Greg F. Gifune, author of The Bleeding Season


The Devil’s Woods “...has more twists and turns than a minotaur’s labyrinth – just when you think you’re figuring out what’s going on, another development has the story going in a completely different – often very surprising – direction ... The Crowgrrl highly recommends it – this book definitely gets all 5 of 5 Black Feathers!”

Review from The Crowgrrl:


"There are plenty of jumps and scares along the way, with a nice dose of carnage to keep even the staunchest of gore-hounds happy. This is indeed prime, grade-A horror writing. THE DEVIL’S WOODS is a great book and every horror fiction fan should definitely pick it up."

Review from Matthew Scott Baker of Shatttered Ravings:


"The Devil's Woods is a force of nature. A complex, chilling foray into the darkness of a forbidden land, and man's tortured soul."

—Hunter Shea, author of Swamp Monster Massacre and Sinister Entity

"In Dead of Winter, Brian Moreland showed why he's one of the strongest new forces in horror fiction. In The Devil's Woods, he proves he's as versatile as he is talented. The Devil's Woods is fantastic--a terrifying and emotionally-involving read from cover to cover."

—Jonathan Janz, author of The Sorrows and House of Skin


"The novel I've been waiting all year to come out THE DEVIL'S WOODS by Brian Moreland is here! ... I know you all will LOVE this book. It has elements of Native American/First People legends (and modern-day reservation locale and characters), eerie woods, history, supernatural, romance, redemption and revenge, and the good versus evil battle!! What I like most about Brian’s books is that his hero/heroine always shines through. His main character of Kyle has stayed with me in my head and I’ve dealt with an urge to beg Brian to give me another story featuring Kyle. I loved that character, I bet you will also."

Review by Erin Sweet-Al Mehairi, OH, FOR THE HOOK OF A BOOK:


"The Devil’s Woods is a damned impressive little horror novel.  Reader’s looking for a well realized and well executed supernatural mystery with some slasher elements and an action-packed climax should pick up Moreland’s newest release from Samhain Publishing.

Review by M.R. Gott, Ravenous Monster:

"Take a walk into the Devil's Woods. You'll be glad you did ... if you make it out alive."


"Brian Moreland has created a new horror classic bursting with bloodshed, chaos, and truly disturbing creatures. Prepare to travel down a dark, terrifying, and twisted path that is The Devil's Woods. Backwoods horror at its finest!" 
—David Bernstein, author of Damaged Souls and Amongst the Dead

"Reading anything by Brian Moreland makes me understand how much harder I have to work as a writer to generate the level of chills he can deliver."

—Kristopher Rufty, author of The Lurkers and Prank Night

THE DEVIL'S WOODS is now available in paperback and eBook at Amazon,, iBooks, iTunes, and wherever books are sold. 

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