Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Social Media Overload

I just spent the entire day updating my website http://www.brianmoreland.com/ and linking all my Twitter, Facebook, and blogs together. Connecting through Social Media is fun but exhausting when you have five websites open at the same time and you're trying to get them all to link up to one another. After several hours I think I've finally gotten all my sites to work.

I have a new Facebook page, Author Brian Moreland. If you scroll down there should be a link. That's where I'll be posting news and redirecting my friends since I'm about to hit Facebook's limit. Feel free to go to to my fan page and hit "Like." I also have a Twitter page @BrianMoreland where share more immediate news or just whatever I'm doing at the moment.

I also added a "Coaching 4 Writers" page to my website. If you're a writer or know a writer who could use some coaching or consulting, I now offer personal one-on-one coaching to writers to discuss anything from writing and publishing to marketing and promoting books.

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