Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Back in the Blogosphere

It's been a couple months since I blogged. I've been in transition ever since the Christmas holidays. Also, I hadn't been writing much these past few weeks. My day job, which is video editing, became more demanding as I took on a documentary project. Now that that's complete, I've finally found some time to get back into writing on both my blog and my second novel. I've been working on DEAD OF WINTER for two years now. It's up to 400 pages, but still not complete. The novel is still challenging me in parts. I've got several subplots happening with a number of dynamic characters. I'm doing my best to keep them wrangled into one story line.

Other news: I'm moving back to Dallas officially. I'll be returning to Maui next week to retrieve the rest of my stuff and ship it to my new home in Big D. It will be difficult saying goodbye to the island life and the wonderful friends I made there. But Dallas is where I need to be right now. At least here there aren't any beaches or jungle trails to distract me from writing. My goal is to complete Book Two within the next six months. And if I forget to blog for several weeks again, please send me an email and tell me to get back in the Blogosphere.

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